Top Bachelor Party Destinations in the USA

New York City offers some of the best nightlife in the USA.

After the numerous parties during those college years, the next huge party is definitely the bachelor party! You know, this may be the part of your life in which you won’t be so single as before. It is only reasonable to throw one last crazy party with your best friends. Of course, a bachelor party doesn’t necessarily have to be a booze-filled rampage! Here, we will reveal top bachelor party destinations in the USA both for hard and soft parties!

New Orleans

Bourbon Street is infamous for its nightlife.

New Orleans is popularly called ‘The Big Easy’, and it surely lives up to this name. This city is easily one of the top bachelor destinations in the USA judging by the fact that most bars and clubs here are open all-night-long!

Immerse yourself in the infamous nightlife on Bourbon Street that tends to be extra crowded during sporting events like Super Bowl or Final Four. If strip bars are your cup of tea, this place is a sort of a hub then. Getting wasted during a night out in this part of New Orleans is really easy, as cocktails like the Hurricane or Hand Grenade are all over the place.

Make sure to explore the rest of the French Quarter. There, you will be surrounded by live music and other forms of entertainment. The food there is awesome too, you can try the seafood or pork at the Cochon restaurant. You can also try your luck at the gambling tables in Harrah’s Casino that is open all day and night!

New Orleans can be quite expensive if you manage to get too carefree. The good thing is that most hotels offer group discounts. That is ideal for an awesome bachelor party!


Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the top bachelor party destination in the USA, for a good reason!

Las Vegas comes to mind to many as one of the top bachelor party destinations in the USA, and it’s no wonder. Its nightlife screams bachelor party, with casinos filling up the boulevards as well as numerous hotels and clubs.

There are a lot of activities fit for a bachelor party in Las Vegas. First that comes to mind are gambling (make sure not to spend too much money on the gambling tables!), gentlemen’s clubs, golf, buffets; and of course, more gambling!

Las Vegas can be quite affordable if you don’t spend too much money on the gambling tables or on the women. Also, watch out how much are you and your party drinking, as the average beer price is $5!

Sin City is best enjoyed in a company of friends ready to party all night long!


New York City

New York City offers some of the best nightlife in the USA.

The ‘City That Never Sleeps’ certainly does live up to its reputation. One is certain, and that is the huge amount of things to do for a bachelor party in NYC.

Party animals will absolutely love NYC, as there is a huge number of bars that are open until 4 AM, so all-nighters are not out of the question. There is no shortage of awesome cuisine to fuel your bachelor party, from pizza and burgers to barbecue and steak.

We must also mention the Broadway shows and top-tier shopping scene that you should definitely include before the final bachelor party.

But, there is also one downside to NYC as a bachelor party destination, and that is the fact that it won’t be such a party for your budget. Its hotel prices can be extravagant, especially between September and December. Also, the average beer cost is 6$.

Nevertheless, NYC definitely deserves its place on the top bachelor party destinations in the USA just for its sheer amount of possibilities!



Miami Beach is the go-to place for bachelor parties.

This place is simply wonderful for an awesome bachelor party. The best part of the city to make a bachelor’s homebase is definitely South Beach. This part of Miami is notorious for its nightclubs. Some clubs may require you to enter with girls (LIV, for example). Regardless of that, the nightlife scene is simply out of this world!

The nightlife really ramps up along the Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road Mall where you and your buddies can enjoy clubbing or a relaxing drink. Not to mention the awesome beaches in Miami, where you can just relax and cure the hangover.

For food, try out meatballs at the Prime 112, or if you want some local delicacies, make sure to pay Joe’s Stone Crab a visit!

Miami has awesome weather all-year-round. Just make sure to avoid the hurricane season as it will rain all the time.

So, these are the top bachelor party destinations in the USA! These places offer a nice balance between clubbing and relaxations, and shouldn’t be too harsh on your budget. That is, if you manage to rationalize your costs in the chaos of a bachelor party!

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