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Colonia Tovar – the little German spot of Venezuela

Venezuela is a country full of surprises. This tropical region has tons of places to go on vacations or just spend a weekend of relax and good food. In this case, the little German spot of Venezuela is the perfect spot to do the latter activities. 

The Colonia Tovar is one of the best places to go on vacations in Venezuela and spend quality time with your family or your partner. Great weather, craft beer and typical German food is what you are going to find if you go to the Colonia Tovar. 

A visit to the Colonia Tovar

Before going to the Colonia Tovar, keep in mind that you are going to a little village with a lot of German culture and customs. You are going to live a truly German dream with its restaurants, German beer, sweet jam and the popular strawberries and cream. 

Its 60 ºF weather makes this place unique since it is located at a height of 1.800 mamsl. Likewise, its astounding landscapes will let you see almost all Aragua city. Plus, you can visit its remarkable church, museum and buy some handmade souvenirs. 

Entrance of the Colonia Tovar

You can stay at one of its many hotels, inns and cabins (for bigger groups). If you are lucky, you can catch a discount or accessible prices in low season or during weekdays. Normally on weekends and high season is more expensive than other days. 

Things to do in the Colonia Tovar

There are plenty of activities to do in the little German spot of Venezuela besides taking a walk through the town, buy flowers and fruits (strawberries are the best), and vegetables. Here are some of the things you can do, to name a few: 

Picacho Codazzi and la Picacho Cross:

This is the highest point of the Colonia Tovar. Its top is located at a height of 2.425 mamsl and you can find the famous “Picacho Cross” which is the highest lighted cross in Venezuela. 

Picacho Cross

If you want to see the cross itself, you need to take a 30 minutes walk through a path leading the road that goes to La Victoria town. At the top, you will see a panoramic view of all Colonia Tovar and the Caribbean Sea. 

Great Cedar:

With 164 feet tall, 72 feet perimeter and 100 years old, this huge and magnificent tree is very popular in the Colonia Tovar. To see the famous cedar, you need to walk through a 328 feet path from the road leading to La Florida. 

Puerto Cruz and Puerto Maya:

At the entrance of the little German spot of Venezuela, there is a branch point that leads you to Puerto Cruz and Puerto Maya. Here, you can see two of the most amazing beaches of the Caribbean. 


In Tovar city, there are more than 5.000 petroglyphs (native writings on stones) with many different designs. These drawings are to honor the native ethnic groups such as the Panariguas, Curinares, Teques and Quiriquires. 

Carnival in Colonia Tovar: 

You can enjoy the funny carnival in the Colonia Tovar, where the Joliki, an adorable harlequin wearing a red fringed dress with bells, shows the spirit of the carnival.

Traditional Jokili

Holy Week:

This week is pretty fun if you have children. In the Colonia Tovar people tend to paint and make nests for the arrival of the Easter Bunny with the Easter eggs. Godparents give their godchildren the öschtra galt or the öschtra packli which is a package full of Easter eggs, candies and money. 

Location and how to get there

Colonia Tovar is located on the outskirts of Caracas, leading to the West and after crossing the Maracao National Park. To get there, if you come from Caracas, it is recommended that you take Los Teques route. Most roads are traffic free and it’s worth the trip. 

You can also take the subway or a specific bus that goes to Maracay city. After that, take another bus and ask the driver to drop you at the Colonia Tovar. Be careful with your belongings and enjoy the little German spot of Venezuela

About the Author: Bella Johnson

Bella Johnson is an avid traveler that loves to venture around the world. From the big cities to the vast deserts, she can be found almost anywhere. Bella has visited over 50 countries and has stepped foot on 6 continents. When she is not traveling, Bella enjoyed DIY projects, 90's movies, and tacos.

Angel Falls – The Highest Uninterrupted Waterfall In The World

It is likely that you have heard about the Angel Falls (Salto Ángel in Spanish). Perhaps this is the most known touristic place in Venezuela because is the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world. 

In the very heart of the Amazonian jungle, there is this astonishing 3211 feet waterwall that can be seen from an airplane or an helicopter. If you want to spend a day of true adrenaline and adventure, there is no doubt that a trip to the Angel Falls is what you need in your life. 

Highest uninterrupted fall in the world

Angel Falls are located in Canaima National Park in the Gran Sabana region. Since 1994, this national park was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as a natural reserve that is home to the unique and special tepuis

Originally, Angel Falls were named after the american aviator, Jimmie Angel, that discovered the waterfall in 1937. Later, the local natives, the Pemones, called it the Churún Merú or Kerepakupai Meru which means “waterfall of the deepest place.”

Venezuelan tepuy

As top vacation destination in Venezuela, Angel Falls is very popular among tourists not only because of its beauty and height, but because of its native people that are very sacred and respected by every visitor. 

How to get to Angel Falls

You probably are wondering how on Earth can you get to Angel Falls. Well, you need to know that is not that simple but it’s not impossible either. Canaima National Park is remote and sort of difficult to access. However, there are two ways to see Angel Falls.

One way is from the air in an small airplane or helicopter. You can book a flight to the falls in many towns and cities such as Caracas, Ciudad Bolívar, Santa Elena de Uairen (near the Brazilian border) or Margarita Island.

Canaima National Park

The other way to visit Angel Falls is by taking an excursion that starts with a 3 and a half hour boat trip upstream the Carrao River, and then the Churún River. After the trip, a one hour walk through the Amazonian jungle is necessary to get to the base of the waterfall. 

Nevertheless, before arriving the waterfall, your guide will take you to Salto Hacha and Salto Sapo. These are two little waterfalls where you can take a quick dip; after few minutes, your trip will continue. 

Once you get there, you will be speechless when you see Angel Falls. You will hear how the water flows and how high this amazing waterfall is. To cool off, you get the chance of taking a dip in the natural pools at the base of the waterfall. 

Canaima National Park is definitely the best vacation destination in Venezuela just because. Besides Angel Falls, this park offers tons of beautiful cascades, as well as rivers and red-water lagoons.  

Best time to visit Angel Falls 

Being one of the most touristic places in Venezuela, Angel Falls are visited all year around, no matter the season. Nonetheless, the best time to visit the falls is during the rainy season (May and November). 

During this season, the boat trip is perfect to take because water levels are very high. Likewise, the waterfall do not vanish into a mist before reaching the bottom as it does in the dry season. 

In the dry season, Angel Falls are less abundant than in rainy season. For this reason, you must check in advance if there is enough water before booking this tour. You don’t want to be disappointed after all.

Tips to visit Angel Falls

If you’ve read the entire post, congratulations! You are ready to visit Angel Falls but before doing so, there are some tips that you need to know. Keep in mind that this place is a World Heritage Site, so be respectful and do NOT litter. 

Ask all the questions you have regarding the place and its native people. Sometimes, these people tend to be very reticent with their cultures and customs and do not want to be bothered. 

Resultado de imagen para boat trip to carrao river
Typical canoe in Angel Falls

Try to save enough money for the trip. This tour is quite expensive because of all the things it comprises and because is one of the most touristic places in Venezuela. You can save a little bit more if you travel with more than 3 people. 

Wear light clothes like light sweaters, long light pants, caps or hats because mosquitos are VERY annoying and they will not hesitate to bite you. Bring sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and your camera, of course. Be ready and enjoy this Venezuelan beauty.

About the Author: Bella Johnson

Bella Johnson is an avid traveler that loves to venture around the world. From the big cities to the vast deserts, she can be found almost anywhere. Bella has visited over 50 countries and has stepped foot on 6 continents. When she is not traveling, Bella enjoyed DIY projects, 90's movies, and tacos.

Best Touristic Places To Visit In Venezuela

Talking about Venezuela is talking about all of its touristic places, its warm people and its particular food. This country has so many wonderful places to visit that people cannot decide which is the best to go on vacations. 

Venezuela is for all kind of people and adventurers. However, there are specific places for those who want adventure or serenity and for those who want a good tan or a nice cold day. In this post, we will tell you which the best touristic places to visit in Venezuela are. 

Morrocoy National Park

Morrocoy National Park is a delightful touristic place in Venezuela where you can enjoy a nice day in its beaches and cays. This national park is located along the Venezuelan coast and it is known for its white-sand beaches and mangroves. 

Morrocoy National Park

Likewise, its beaches are home to a diversity of tropical fish and coral reefs. If you decide to take a boat trip to any of its islets or cays, you will probably see some dolphins, marine turtles and even some alligators around the mangroves. 

Scuba diving is one of the main activities you can do besides spending a day at the beach. You can also take a ride in the so called banana or eat a red snapper with the famous tostones and salad.

Imagen relacionada
Typical red snapper with tostones and salad

Morrocoy National Park is the favorite vacation destination for tourists and even for Venezuelans because it is pretty accessible and very popular. This beachy park is, for sure, one of the best touristic places to visit in Venezuela

Mérida City

Venezuela is definitely an all-terrain country where visitors have an infinity of places to go on vacations. In this case, Mérida City is one of the most popular and touristic places in Venezuela mostly because of its weather and its mountains. 

This city is located in the Venezuelan Andes and is home to the highest points in the Andes Mountains in the country. Mérida has a magnificent weather thanks to its numerous mountains which attracts the outdoors lovers looking for plenty activities to do.

Mérida City

When visiting Mérica you will be delighted with its marvelous landscapes and little towns like Mucuchíes, Tabay, Apartaderos and Pico El Águila. Also, you will feel young because of the university vibes the city has. 

Try every outdoor activity this magical city offers! Rafting, canyoning, mountain biking and even hiking to the famous Pico Bólivar (the highest point in Venezuela). Mérida is an endless paradise and is worth the visit. 

Médanos de Coro National Park

Another exquisite place to visit in Venezuela is Los Médanos de Coro National Park. The sand dunes at this park is what makes it attractive and very crowded in the high season which is from July to mid September. 

Since Venezuela is more or less a tropical country, finding these dunes is pretty odd. Nevertheless, Los Médanos de Coro is a must stop if you want to take a picture in one of the best touristic places to visit in Venezuela

Los Médanos de Coro National Park

The dunes can reach 120 feet and its colors are spectacular. They can vary from orange to yellow and they can also change its shape depending on the wind direction. You can go sand boarding or, rarely, hire a camel to ride. 

Due to the blowing wind, sand can get in your eyes, ears, hair and all over your body. Try to wear long shirts, long pants, enclosed shoes and a cap to protect yourself from the sand. This trip is wonderful if you don’t mind getting dirt and if you like walking on sand. 

Archipiélago of Los Roques National Park

If you want to really know a Venezuelan beachy paradise, you ought to visit Los Roques National Park. Coral reefs, turquoise waters, sun-drenched beaches and great development is what you are going to find in this archipelago. 

This chain of islands covers almost 100 miles of the Venezuelan central coast and is the perfect place to escape from busy cities like Caracas or to find a moment of relax and sun.

The park is the largest marine park in the Caribbean Sea and the untouched coral reefs host some of the most exceptional fauna and flora of the Caribbean. 

Archipelago Los Roques

Being, perhaps, the best touristic place to visit in Venezuela, Los Roques has remarkable white sand beaches and multicolor, crystalline warm waters that are ideal to dive, to sail, to fish or even to catch a lobster and then eat it. 

About the Author: Bella Johnson

Bella Johnson is an avid traveler that loves to venture around the world. From the big cities to the vast deserts, she can be found almost anywhere. Bella has visited over 50 countries and has stepped foot on 6 continents. When she is not traveling, Bella enjoyed DIY projects, 90's movies, and tacos.