10 Of Europe’s Most Strange Abandoned Places

The weird aura of abandoned places stirs the imagination and lures us to explore and recount unheard legends. It provides a refreshing inspiration to the touristic sense, which is fascinated by the eerie touch these strange destinations present.  As we visit the uninhibited cities, empty structures, and deserted roads, we feel enticed to know more about them, their people, and the stories that made them a part of history. Here are 10 of Europe’s most strange abandoned places.


About the Author: Bella Johnson

Bella Johnson is an avid traveler that loves to venture around the world. From the big cities to the vast deserts, she can be found almost anywhere. Bella has visited over 50 countries and has stepped foot on 6 continents. When she is not traveling, Bella enjoyed DIY projects, 90's movies, and tacos.